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Investor Relations

Going Global

KOTC Sports Pte Ltd is a global company which headquarter is located in Singapore. The business will be penetrating and operates in various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

Revolutionizing sports

KOTC Sports focuses on changing and innovating the sports. Changing the perception of the industry by creating the next trade business for the future. Improving on employment of the nation. Bringing hope and chances to many who has a passion in the basketball industry.

Business Valuation

Market research has shown that the basketball industry is spending $567 million per season. By 2023, the industry will achieve total global sports revenue of USD626.8B  with a growth of 33% from the current USD471.3B.  As an unicorn company, the business offers endless growth with various stream from our services.  KOTC Sports Pte Ltd is looking for a valuation of $95.4M in 2026.

Contact us to obtain a copy of Feasibility Analysis Report for more information

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    Investment Relations


    KOTC Sports Pte Ltd

    7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 , #07-39

    singapore 569880

    Gerald Lim


    Contact : +65-90993572

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