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The Nike PG 5, Paul George’s fifth signature model and the follow up to last year’s solid but not well-rounded Nike PG 4.  Paul George was granted his first signature pair, the NIKE PG1, in 2016. Fast forward to 2021, the elite two-way NBA star already has five signature shoes.


At 329g, they are very light, and they really feel sensationally light on foot. In addition to that, they have a solid looking low top silhouette. At the tongue and at the sole of the shoe, you can see PG’s logo. A bowtie shaped logo brand that serves as a reminder of his unique blend of simplicity and sophistication.


The materials are what you’ve come to expect from the PG line: They feel pretty cheap, but they perform well and are comfortable on foot. It’s also way better than last year’s model. The upper is mainly made of mesh with a touch of synthetic materials throughout. There’s no break-in time needed and is very durable.


The traction pattern of the PG 5 is very similar to the Kobe 9 pattern and provides top-tier traction indoors. It gripped very hard and picked up very little dust. This allows stopping and accelerating without many problems, slipping or lags. Durability might be a slight issue and I would not recommend taking these to the outdoor courts.


The PG5 has a full-length Nike Air Dot Weld Strobel gives Paul George the cushioning and comfort he needs to thrive during a long season. However, it is not as soft as the PG 4. It feels a bit lower to the ground and provides better court feel. The PG 5 is a perfect on-court shoe for the two-way player as the flexibility helps him transition smoothly between both ends of the court. Overall, the cushioning setup is pretty solid and works for players that prefer court feel over too much compression


It seems to be an ongoing theme with PGs as these once again are a bit narrow. I had my dad, who wears half a size smaller than me, try them on as well and even the OG thought they were somewhat snug. Nonetheless, I still went true to size as I rather have a snug fit than a sloppy and loose one. Sure, I had to give them a bit of time to break in but once the mesh stretched out a bit and found its sweet spot, the PG 5s actually felt really comfortable. However, if you have a wide foot, going up half a size is highly recommended, maybe even mandatory. Overall, the fit was quite good, held my foot in position quite well and I did not experience any kind of slippage. So just get through that break-in time and you are good to go.

The PG 5s are once again a bit narrow. However, you just have to give them a bit of time to break in but once the mesh stretched out a bit and found its sweet spot, the PG 5s are really comfortable. Going up high a size is recommended if you have a wide foot. Overall, the fit was good. Foot was held in position quite well and there wasn’t much slippage.


Lockdown was really good, as mentioned above. There were no signs of slippage or lateral movements. My feet stayed planted onto the footbed at all times on any movements, which gave me a good sense of security. Stability was not an issue as well. The PG 5 has a wide base and an outrigger that has you covered on lateral movements. If you are looking for ankle support, feedback or restrictions though, these will not offer that as the top barely reaches the ankle area. They provide good ankle mobility for those who like a bit more freedom though. Overall, support was solid.

As mentioned above, the lockdown was really good. There is a good sense of security as my feet stayed planted onto the footbed at all times on any movement. Lateral movements are covered as the PG 5 has a wide base and an outrigger. They do, however, give good ankle movement for those who like a little more freedom.


For this price point, the PG5s can definitely hold their own and make themselves a very competitive option. These shoes are less expensive than many other signature shoes, yet they provide more traction than other mid-tier basketball sneakers. When you add in the great cushioning and the lightweight build, you’ve got some really good value for your money. Do check out our review on our YouTube channel here!

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