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KOTC Basketball



Dear all ballers! Welcome to the KOTC Arena! We are excited to be launching this basketball platform where our aim is to promote the game in basketball showmanship around the world! KOTC aka King Of The Court is a 1 v 1 basketball league. In KOTC, we will be bringing to you regular games, events and competition around the states , nation and countries. We want you to join us in these games, and show us your most fancy and speedy moves to impress the world.

In this website, you will also find our store, The King’s Shop where you can find the trending basketball shoes, bags, apparels , socks and your favourite NBA jersey(coming soon).When you shop in the The King’s Shop, you also get to enjoy perks as shopping rebates, discounts and free transportation offers which will happen from time to time. We will also have a little secret how you can save cost in buying the products later ( SHHHHHH…..and stay tune with us).

1 v 1 games are fast and tough. Being said so, we urge everyone to train and improve their skills to stand a higher chance to win matches ( like playing mobile legend ). To help you to do so, we have set up the Academy. We will be inviting the best coaches and academies around the area to show case some quick drills which you can practice to help to move forward and take one step in becoming the next King of the court.

Do check out our instagram page, KOTC.BASKETBALL where we gives you the latest up on events, matches, content and challenges . There will be prizes and give aways such as Nike Signature Shoes and KOTC merchandise!


Again, WELCOME to the world of KOTC and we wish you luck in becoming the next KING with us!



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